We are happy to advertise a recent MOOC entitled “From seismology to earthquake engineering”, published by the group of Jean-François SEMBLAT from ENSTA Paris | Institut Polytechnique de Paris & IMSIA | Institute of Mechanical Sciences and Industrial Applications

It may be interesting for your students or your colleagues.

The teaser is available here:


and free enrollment is possible here:


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We are happy to advertise a recent paper on A biomimetic sliding–stretching approach to seismic isolation, which has been highlighted in Nature. The paper develops a novel seismic isolator that can be easily assembled in a fabrication lab using 3D-printed parts and metallic components. It mimics the mechanics of the human body through linkages that replicate the bones of human limbs and stretchable membrane/tendons. This biomimetic, sliding-stretching isolator can be scaled to seismically protect infrastructure, buildings, artworks and equipment with customized properties and sustainable materials.


A biomimetic sliding–stretching approach to seismic isolation (University of Salerno)

Physical models and experimental validation. A) Motion animation of a demonstrative version of prototype #1 equipped with fully 3D-printed unit cell parts, which can be moved by hand. B) Demonstrative version of prototype #2 equipped with telescopic tendons (see Movie S3 for a motion video-clip). C) Prototype #2 with stretchable tendons and metallic posts under testing (a featured video is given in Movie S4).(Nature/articles/doi.org/10.1038/d41586-021-03506-2)

An array of unit cells of the stretching-sliding isolator forming a periodic metamaterial (University of Salerno)

European Conference on Acoustic & Mechanical Metamaterials

The conference covers fundamental and industrial activities of acoustic and mechanical metamaterials ranging from applied mathematics and theoretical mechanics to more applied researches in control of vibrations, from low (seismic) to high (ultrasonic) frequencies.


MIMS22: 2022 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures

Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to announce the 2022 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures ” (MIMS22) ” to be held from September 29th through October 1st,  2022 in Cetara (Amalfi Coast) – Salerno, Italy. This will be the fourth edition of a fortunate series of international workshops held on the Amalfi Coast every three years, since 2013 (www.multiscale.unisa.it).

You are cordially invited to participate in this workshop. Abstracts related, but not limited, to the following areas are welcome: 

–     Multiscale mechanics

–     Architectured materials and sustainable composites 

–     Mechanical and acoustic metamaterials

–     Smart materials and structures

–     Granular materials and systems

–     Microstructure engineering

Important dates

March 1st, 2021: Abstract submission opens 

December 31st, 2021: Abstracts due 

January 31st, 2022: Abstracts reviewed 

February 1st, 2022: Early Registration opens

July 30th, 2022:  Registration closes

Please visit the MIMS22 website for updates on this event, (www.multiscale.unisa.it) and contact us for any inquiries (multiscale.salerno@gmail.com). The flyer of the event is attached for your convenience.

Special issue 

A special issue of Mechanics Research Communications edited by the conference chairs will collect original, peer-reviewed contributions presented at the Workshop. Papers in this issue are aimed at bringing together researchers working at the forefront of applied mechanics, material science and engineering, and physics to further our understanding of mechanics of materials at different scales, and its application to the design, modeling, manufacturing and experimentation of innovative multiscale materials and structures.  The deadline of submission of full papers will be communicated on the conference website.


The Workshop will be held at the Cetus Hotel (www.hotelcetus.com) located in a scenic venue of the amazing Amalfi Coast. The hotel is equipped with 37 rooms, all with sea view, and may host up to 91 participants. Alternative accommodations are available at nearby hotels (www.multiscale.unisa.it).

We hope to see you in Cetara in October 2022!

Fernando Fraternali

Department of Civil Engineering 

University of Salerno, Italy

Graeme W. Milton

Department of Mathematics

University of Utah, USA

Anthony D. Rosato

Department of Mechanical Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA